Chris Simms Unbuttoned

2023 Top 40 QB Countdown: #24-20: "It's time to crap"

Episode Summary

Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@ahmedNBC) hit the "Sh!t or Get Off the Pot" tier of the Top 40 QB Countdown. Plus the guys talk about Honorable Mentions who missed the list, and we get a question from Ahmed's red pants. But first, Simms tells us how he lost his four front teeth.

Episode Notes

(8:20) QB #24 Baker Mayfield: "Despite some of the sh!ttiest situations, he arm is still a blessing and a curse."

(19:10) QB #23 Justin Fields: "INSANE runner. But his throwing is a collection of great plays with no consistency."

(32:25) QB #22 Jimmy Garoppolo: "He played some of his best football last year."

(43:20) QB #21 Tua Tagovailoa: "Runs that offense to a T.  But he doesn't create on his own."

(57:45) QB #20 Mac Jones: "Forget the team and the OC...he is an incredible decision-maker."

(1:09:20) AFC East odds: Is this the toughest division in the NFL?

(1:14:30) Top 40 Honorable mentions: Why Carson Wentz, Zach Wilson, Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston, and Trey Lance missed the list.